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How to Alter a Bridesmaid Dress that is Too Small? Simple Guide to Make Your Dress Ideal

Each and every bride has some sort of fear before the wedding day, and some of these fears are unrealistic and quickly pass, but some, unfortunately, are sometimes coming true. Brides try to take care of every little detail as much as possible, but some nuances may get out of control. Getting the wrong size for a dress is a widespread issue, but an easily solvable one as well. Even if it’s for the bridesmaid(s), it is still a headache before the wedding day. So, we are here to share the best recommendations on how to alter a bridesmaid dress that is too small.

There are various reasons why the bridesmaid’s dress may be tiny; for example, the ordered dress didn’t fit, or the dress is rented and doesn’t fit perfectly, or the bridesmaid has suddenly decided to change her weight. Whatever the reasons are, we need to concentrate on solving the problem in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Let’s now discuss what are the first steps we need to undertake to alter a bridesmaid dress that is too small. Read on to find out more.

Steps to Get a Small Dress Altered

  1. Suppose you have enough time before the wedding day, order and exchange it with a new correct size. This way, you entirely avoid the alteration stress and make sure to get a brand new dress. And if the bigger size fits larger, keep in mind that it’s always easier to work with a more oversized dress.
  2. If you do not have time before the wedding, do your best to find the best seamster/seamstress around you, who will agree to deal with the matter. Ensure that their professional experience lets them get their hands on the dress alteration, as not everyone can take proper care of a more petite dress.
  3. If you have experience of your own and are ready to take care of the bridesmaid’s dress, or maybe you are the bridesmaid, start with some basic steps. First off, retake the measurements. After making the necessary changes, arrange fittings before the wedding to make sure everything is still perfect.
  4. If you are lucky to have some extra material on the dress or have the exact separate fabric to work on, start making the changes immediately. It should be easy for you if you are proficient in dress alterations. So be brave, and go on with the changes confidently.
  5. If there is no room to alter the dress with its fabric, try to find a similar material that adds a unique spark. Don’t hesitate to change your dress with newer colors or make some changes to the dress silhouette.
Tailor Is Taking Measurements To Alter A Bridesmaid Dress That Is Too Small

The abovementioned steps are just the basics that you need to keep in mind if an issue with a dress size comes up. You should know these whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid, or a wedding planner.

Now let’s learn about some of the costs to get a dress altered if it’s small to wear for an occasion.

What Are Bridesmaid’s Dress Alteration Costs?

We are more than sure that you are aware of the tailors’ price list, but we will share some of our insights on the budget you need to allocate. The final price depends on several factors, the dress’s complexity, the time available for alterations, and the materials.

For simple bridesmaid dresses and minor changes, the costs usually range between $50-$80. With a minor alteration, the costs can be even less. So, analyze what changes are needed to perfect the dress.

For more complicated bridesmaid dresses: Normally, the price range for bridesmaid dress changes is from $80 to $150. The alteration costs are not very high for bridesmaid dresses, as usually, the dresses are not as challenging as the bride’s dress. Of course, there are many factors included in the price of the alterations, such as the tailor’s expertise, the time available, material usage, and a lot more.

Admittedly, the changes can vary from dress to dress, and therefore may require a higher price. So you should be ready to spend some money to get the dress to fit perfectly.

How Much Time Do You Need to Get a Dress Altered?

Each and every wedding task has its duration according to its complexity, and bridesmaid dress alterations are no exception. Depending on the needed alterations, the process may increase or decrease. Also, you need to take into account the availability of the tailors. Usually, if the alteration is not massive, it shouldn’t take more than two weeks. So you will be fully ready just before the big day.

However, the is a possibility that the size change is a complex process, that requires the purchase of special materials and/or elaborate alterations. That means that the process can range from one month to two or more. Keep in mind to schedule the appointments as soon as possible to make sure everything is ready on time. Additionally, don’t forget that you may still need further alterations after the initial round, so make sure you organize everything as soon as possible.

How to Prevent Dress Size Issues?

After we have broken down how the processes of alteration go, let’s now understand how we can avoid all of these issues with the bridesmaid dress. The tips may sound basic at first, but we are more than sure that during the wedding preparation you can forget about some basic tricks. Let’s get started.

  1. Make Sure You Order the Dress As Soon As Possible.

When you purchase a bridesmaid’s dress online there is a slight possibility that the size may not fit perfectly. Not all online shops are providing tailor-made products. So, in order to avoid all the possibilities of a small dress, order your dress as soon as possible. After you receive your dress, try it on a few times, accessorize it, make it yours. This will help you stay in shape for the upcoming event.

  1. Plan Every Alteration Date As Soon As Possible

Keep in mind that if you need dress alterations you should agree on the dates with your seamstress. Avoid last-minute alteration plans as the optimal time you should allocate to the dress changes is almost a month or even two. Especially during the wedding seasons, seamstresses have limited availability even for slight changes, so be sure to plan accordingly.

  1. Keep It Simple

When you decide to choose a minimalistic dress, the alterations themselves become easier. If you have the wrong size, but the dress is easily adjustable you will have the fixed version of your dress in no time. Sometimes, even a slight fabric addition will solve all of the size issues and leave you with a unique dress. Keep in mind that simple designs always win, and you’ll protect yourself from long and pricy alterations.

Overall, these are some of our basic recomendations to avoiding any small size issues in your bridesmaid dress. We all understand that problems occur in life, it’s just the matter of solving these issues efficiently and effectively.

How To Alter A Bridesmaid Dress That Is Too Small

Tips on Getting The Bridesmaid’s Dress Altered by Yourself

And lastly, what should you do if you’ve decided to take on the challenge of dress alteration? Start small and steady. Analyze your dress, see what it has and what it needs. Admittedly, dealing with a smaller dress that needs to be altered is trickier, than dealing with a larger dress. So we need some answers on questions like; Does it have room for making it a size bigger? Do we need extra fabric? Do the seams allow alterations?

Nothing is impossible, and neither are dress alterations. Be confident in the changes you are making. There are several options of ‘adding a size’ to your dress, except for fabric addition. You can sew a corset, change the back design and so much more. Be creative and brave. Remember that you are going to be a shining star in that dress.

To sum up, we understood that dealing with a smaller size is a more challenging procedure. But no worries, as there are so many options to choose from when altering your dress. All in all, you are going to have a dress with a unique design that will emphasize your beauty.