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When to Wear a White Dress – 5 Great Reasons to Go With White

White and black, white and red, white and blue, white and purple, white and…. White seems ubiquitous, quietly slithering into every color combo. From the runway to home décor, it’s a classy neutral color that has stood the test of time and wouldn’t be leaving our closets any time soon. But, is there a time to or not to wear white dresses? This article is crafted as a guide on when to wear a white dresses. 

Why wear a white dress?

Before going on to the right time to wear a white dress, it is important to answer the question “why?”. Why wear a white dress in the first place? Here are a few of the reasons to consider wearing a white dress.

Doesn’t Absorb Heat

White clothing is known for not absorbing heat from the sun, making it a great choice for summer. Indoor or outdoor, white clothing comes in handy.

When To Wear A White Dress


Through all trends and changes in fashion, a color has indeed stood the test of time. White clothing never goes out of fashion. From Generation Z to baby boomers…. White clothing looks brilliant on all. Plus, there seems to be an unlimited list of styles.

Versatile and elegant

White items of clothing are extremely versatile and can be paired with virtually all colors. Paired with the right accessories, a white dress can give you different looks. You can move from a simple casual to elegant just by switching up the accessories paired with your white dress.

Perfect for every occasion

From casual outdoor events to office wears to wedding dresses, white dresses come in as a suitable option in all scenarios. White clothing seems to have a place in every occasion and every setting. 

Great for all seasons

White dresses weren’t made solely for summer. White clothing comes in fitting throughout the year: summer, winter, autumn, or spring. You can never go wrong. Want dresses that can be worn all year round? Consider getting white dresses.

If White Dresses are so Great that they can be worn at any point in time, is there a When to Wear a White Dress?

We recommend wearing a white dress:

When walking down the aisle ready to say “I do”

While what you wear at your wedding is an entirely personal decision, a white dress is an excellent choice for a wedding. Your wedding is an opportunity to make a wowing appearance in a striking white gown as you look forward to a future with the one you love. Here are a few of the many reasons you should consider a white wedding dress.

It’s distinctive

Don’t want to have to tell anyone you are the bride in your wedding pictures? Then rock an elegant white dress down the aisle. Wearing white, silver or ivory colors is an easy way to stand out on your wedding day. After all, most guests are familiar with the wedding guest attire etiquette “Do not wear an elegant white or neutral-toned dress to someone else’s wedding”. So, you’ll pretty much stand out on your big day wearing a beautiful white dress.

It’s bridal

Now, this might seem stereotypical. But, what comes to your mind when you see a beautiful smiling lady with a veil over her face looking radiant in a flattering detailed white dress with intricately embroidered hem? You probably have the word “bride” formed in your mind already. Want to feel bridal? Nothing brings in the feeling better than a white well-designed wedding dress.

When gunning for a sophisticated look to the office

A well-paired white dress would give a sophisticated and elegant look in the workplace. Pair a white dress with a colored blazer and the right accessories; you’re good to go. Plus, if there’s a must-have piece of clothing, it is a well-tailored white blazer. You can combine a white blazer with your usual office cloth rotation. The result? A sleek, classy finish. 

When determined to stand out at prom

Wondering if you can wear a white dress to prom? Of course, you can. What better way is there to stand out than to wear a color that stands you out. A white dress is a great option for making an appearance on prom night. However, if you’re bothered about looking a little too bridal, you should consider throwing in color(s). This helps you say:  Hello, I’m wearing a white dress and having a great time rocking it but it’s not my wedding today.  You could do this with your accessories or simply go for a white dress with sequins.       

When you decide to wear a white prom dress, it is important that you:

Choose the perfect shade of white

A shade of white too similar to the undertones of your complexion could wash you out while one that is not could make you glow. This is why you should put some thought into selecting the right shade of white. To avoid being washed out, ensure you wear a tint that doesn’t match your skin’s undertone pigment but has the same undertone temperature.

Choose the right style

When rocking a white dress to prom, you must pay attention to your dress style so you don’t end up looking like it’s your wedding and every other lady in the room is a bridesmaid. Well, except that’s your game plan. Going with fitted and modern cuts is a great way to avoid the too bridal look. You can also add in some texture with pleats or sequin patterns to avoid the flatness that often comes with plain white dresses.

Avoid stains

Of course, you know stains are not your best buddies when you’re wearing brightly colored clothes. However, when wearing a white dress, you must be extra careful and avoid potential stain sources. After all, white is as bright as it gets with colors. Avoid the serving area(when there is one), put your napkin on your lap when eating… basically, be careful not to ruin your dress. This is because ruining your dress might be a dreaded step towards ruining your night. 

When going to a cocktail party

A short white dress is an excellent choice for a summer cocktail party. You could pair your white dress with a mid-heeled sandal to avoid looking too casual. Choosing a design that features unique details is also a great way to leave the casual zone. With a white dress, you are simply the right accessory away from the perfect cocktail look.

Tips for excelling at wearing white dresses

  1. Select quality fabric
  2. Avoid clingy clothing
  3. Pay attention to the undergarments
  4. Add in the right dose of personality
  5. Consider adding layers
  6. Choose the perfect shade of white for your skin tone
  7. Ensure your dress’ material matches the event setting
  8. Run an accessory check
  9. Avoid wearing white shoes with white dresses except it’s your wedding gown
  10. For glam, give metallics a thought

If White Dresses are this Awesome, Is there a Time not to Wear a White Dress?

Yes. Though timeless and volatile, there is a time to avoid a white dress. Recall the dos and don’ts of a wedding guest’s attire. Wearing a white dress to another person’s wedding when it is not a white-themed wedding is not a great idea.

White dresses are extremely volatile and timeless. From casual to sophisticated, white dresses are flexible options suitable for all occasions. If you do not have a white dress in your closet, you should certainly get one.