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What to do with the Wedding Dress after the Wedding? Top 6 proven methods

You’ve put in so much time and effort searching endlessly, trying on countless dresses and saving up to pay for your wedding dress. You wear it on your big day and feel fantastic. But now the party is over, you’ve encouraged guests to take left over food, you’ve packed up the presents and you and your new husband head back home. One question remains. What to do with the Wedding Dress after the Wedding?

We’ve put together a few ideas that can give you some inspiration for your beloved gown.

If you don’t know What to do with the wedding dress after the wedding then this is a wonderful way to give back to another bride who may not be as fortunate to buy her dream dress. You can feel good about letting your dress go off to serve in another wedding, hopefully to bring as much happiness as it brought you on your day. In addition, there are charities that will resell it and put the proceeds toward a cause like breast cancer research.

Wedding Dress Design

Tailor it

There are so many possibilities for your dress. Likely, if you got it tailored before, you can go back to the same person you worked with to make another thrilling creation. A formal cocktail dress is an idea, and you can work some other fabrics and colours into it to ensure that it’s a unique piece that you can flaunt at any party.

Another idea is to make something else out of your wedding dress. A satchel or curtains are interesting ways to repurpose your dress and have it live on as something else.

Preserve it

Ask any designer—wedding dresses are works of art, and there are ways that you can ensure it stays that way. Having it framed as a piece of art as a testament to your special day can truly keep the memory with you every time you see it. Just make sure you’ve got the wall space for it.

What To Do With The Wedding Dress After The Wedding?

Sell it

Still don’t know what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding? Sell it! It’s no secret that weddings can cost a lot of money. After your party is over and you settle into married life, you may realize that selling your dress could make a dent in the debt or even just start you and your husband off comfortably. It’s a practical decision, especially since your dress has served its main purpose and you’re not likely to wear it again.

Stickers: Buy, Hold, Sell

Save it

If you have even the slightest thought of having kids, it may be worth getting boxed up professionally until they’re around. You can upcycle your dress into an outfit for your little one for a christening ceremony or use the material in their nursery. If you have a daughter, saving your dress for her big day is also something to consider.

Brøsche it

If you read 5 previous suggestions but still not sure what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding then we are here to help you.

Wedding dresses are mostly only worn once or a few times in a lifetime. Brøsche Bridal doesn’t believe in wearing something only once and waisting it. At Brosche we have our sustainability program where we offer our clients a chance to upcycle their wedding dress and make sure it can be worn again for different occasions. Dye it, cut it, revamp it, recycle it, upcycle it, Brøsche it!