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Wedding photography: Ultimate Guide for Couples

Pre-wedding or engagement photography can be a memory-making experience that tells the story of you and your husband-to-be. You may decide to forgo getting engagement photos, and that’s a valid choice, but for those who want to get the photos done and want to make sure they get the most out of the experience, we’ve put together this guide.

One of the great byproducts of doing a pre-wedding photography session is that it helps you and your photographer get to know each other. If this photographer is also doing your wedding, that’s a good bonus because it means that you’ll get to know their style and if you can trust them to do their work well so that you’ll love the end result.

Everything You Should Know About Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photographs aren’t necessarily something that you’ll see the value of immediately. Typically, it’s later on as you reminisce with your partner and pull out the album of pre-wedding and wedding photos that you can appreciate what they mean. You’re creating happy, romantic moments and capturing the intimacy when you would otherwise have no reason to do so. You’re given a chance to recreate some of your favourite moments as well, like a treasured date or adventure. Take advantage of that, so you can look back and laugh with you partner about how stressed out or excited or naive or nervous you were before your big day.

Selective Focus Of Beautiful Happy Couple Dancing With Heart-Shaped Balloons On Background

Taking Great Pre-Wedding Photos

There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you get wonderful photos of this time. One thing to consider is the concept that you want to base your pictures on. If you and your husband-to-be are outdoorsy people, maybe taking pictures in your favourite national park is an idea to show off who you are and what’s important to both of you.

Romantic Couple In Love Walking Dogs

You can also opt for something traditional and draw on your culture if you have a rich heritage, and pick locations and clothes based on your respective cultures. This is a lovely idea for couples who are mixing cultures, because it’s an impressive look for a couple to be dressed in sarees and a kilt.

However, you can also go more casual and focus on the story and emotions that you’re both feeling in your relationship. This sets a warm tone for the wedding and can make you feel closer to your partner. Good ideas involve something with minimal effort, so maybe a basic dress for you and a nice shirt for him and a picnic.

On the opposite side is going glamourous. You can pick a place that radiates elegance and take this opportunity to dress to the nines. You can pick a historic location or gorgeous landscape and feel like a princess on this day with your prince.

Exceptional Photographers in Toronto

You want a photographer that will capture all of the emotions that you share and experience throughout this process. In addition, the person you choose should be someone who you trust that also understands your vision. They should be helpful in answering any questions you have. Below are a few Toronto-based photographers who can deliver wonderful photos.

Jessilynn Wong Photography

This photographer has a roster of different brides-to-be and a portfolio that truly speaks to the magic of a good relationship. In addition to that, she has an Instagram account where you can browse her favourite images from her shoots and she still keeps in touch with brides after they’ve parted ways. Her aim is to find your most meaningful moments and preserve them on film.

Olive Photography

Anastasia’s work involves capturing those genuine and warm moments between a couple. She absolutely loves what she does and it shows in her portfolio. She works well with her clients to make sure that everything is taken care of and she makes them feel comfortable before a shoot. Her style is to take photos that make her feel something, so that it translates back to you.

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

This team of photographers are dedicated to bringing your pre-wedding photos to life. They want to maximize the personalities of their couples and make sure that that’s what shows up in your pictures. They make sure to understand your vision and what you expect and will answer any questions that you have about the process. A look through their portfolio will show you all you need to know.

Daring Wanderer Wedding and Adventure Photography

Jess is amazing with her clients. Her style is best suited for the couple that has a sense of adventure and she works well to be calming and soothing for couples who are camera-shy. She takes the pressure off and makes the engagement photoshoot fun and lighthearted. She sees it as an honour to be involved in capturing the most precious moments of one of your biggest milestones.

The Right Setting

Picking your shooting location can be difficult. But think about the things that are important to you and your partner. Maybe one of your favourite museums would be a great backdrop, or a landmark that you both have a connection to. You don’t necessarily need a fancy location — consider a forest, park or waterfront if you’re more down-to-earth as a couple and love nature.

Happy Couple And Photographer On A Tropical Beach.

Pre-Wedding Photography: A Few Tips

Once you’ve picked out your photographer, go over the details with them.

  • Have your concept ideas ready to discuss.
  • Err on the side of conservative and don’t go for extremely trendy options.
  • Make sure your partner is signed off on everything.
  • Do your best to pick a good time for the shoot — something that gives lots of natural light and is about 3-6 months from the wedding.
  • It’s not a bad idea to bring an emergency kit with pins, makeup and a sewing kit just in case.

Most importantly, relax and be yourselves. Don’t try too hard to make these shots perfect, rather, enjoy the time you have with your partner.

Top 11 Great Posing Tips for Wedding Photography

The long-awaited wedding day is here, and it brings along not only joyous emotions but a bunch of responsibilities as well, and we are here to help you prepare for all of those. The preparations seem endless, the decisions seem infinite, but the wedding day itself passes with the speed of the light. To make the special day’s happiness last forever, photographers take numerous shots of the event to depict the celebration from every angle possible. That’s why learning the best poses and photography tricks is vitally essential for your special day. We are here to share with you the best posing tips for wedding photography.

The photographers usually advise keeping everything as natural as possible to emphasize the emotions rather than on poses. So your priority should be posing as you are, not changing your personality for a photoshoot. Keep in mind not to stop candid moments like when you kiss your partner when you see your wedding photographer. Also, another excellent tip for posing naturally is to train before the wedding with your future husband. It won’t take more than an hour and is worth all the time. Take your time to learn your partner’s best angles, comfortable poses and funny faces that will forever remind you about one of the best days of your life.

Now let’s discuss some of the all-time-winning poses and moments for a wedding photo shoot that you should know about.

Showing Your Wedding Dress

Woman In Wedding Dress Posing For Photograph

First and foremost, one of the main elements of the evening, the dress! Start with showing off your outfit while it is still on the hanger in your room. Admire it, touch it, show your connection with the unique dress yours. Afterwards, when you have already put it on, start playing with it in your room. Show behind the scenes of you getting ready. These kinds of pictures are not only intimate, but they fully convey your emotions before seeing your partner.

Getting Ready With The Groom

Groom Posing For Photographer

Yes, your husband should have his backstage moment as well. Ask him to pose and show his preparations before seeing the magnificent bride. Here is the perfect time for the photographer to take shots of small details, like clothing, shoes, rings, style, and many more. The behind the scenes shots are the best at showing the emotions of excitement. The groom’s ideas are posing while fastening his watch, tying his shoelaces or fixing his bowtie.

The First Look

Groom Is Kissing The Bride

The most romantic moment of all is when the groom takes his first look at the bride. The feelings in his eyes are indescribable. Ask your photography team to specifically pay attention to this moment and depict it from various angles. Another great idea is to take a shot at the guests’ reactions.

Play With The Wind

Wind Is Waving Bride'S Veil While Bride And Groom Are Posing For Wedding Photography

Now let’s focus more on posing rather than the moments when you are already free and have time to pose; focus on showing your bridal look. Let the wind play with your dress and move it freely. Dance with the breeze to offer the best angles of yours. Move the veil, experiment and just have fun with your dress. It is the perfect time to showcase it from a different perspective.

Show Off Your Couple’s Personality

Man And Woman Holding Lights While Kissing

Even though we are all for natural shots, it is sometimes acceptable to add a creative touch and experiment. Just try to think about what distinguishes your couple from the millions of others? What is that you would love to have at your wedding? Is there a sentimental item for your couple? Gather some ideas for a photo and show the personality of your couple. Maybe you are wearing matching sneakers, or you would love a shot from the sky; it can be anything. Just try to think outside of the box to make your day’s photoshoot even more memorable.


Happy Newlyweds With Parents On Wedding Celebration Posing For Photography

Admittedly, there has to be a creative picture with the people you love and share such a joyous event. Depending on the number of guests, different ideas for the wedding shoot for the friends and family. You can create a romantic family shoot with your parents and inlaws to depict the flowing love from both families. There are so many other options to choose from, but don’t forget a simple family photo as well.

Cutting The Cake

Couple Slicing Cake While Posing For Wedding Photography

The tastiest and sweetest moment of the night also has to have a moment of attention. The cake cutting process always captures a lot of spotlights during the ceremony. So it’s a great idea to depict a romantic cutting moment.

Subtle Glance

Greyscale Photo Of Bride And Groom

When it comes to an intimate photoshoot of the couple, there are many options to choose from. One of our favourite poses for the occasion is a photo with a subtle glance from the bride while hugging the groom. It is an excellent position to showcase your affection and your beautiful face. You can look not directly at the camera but to the side of the photographer with open eyes. All in all, the subtle glancing pose is a great choice that will depict your love and beauty as well.

Walking Away

Photo Of Couple On Grass Field

Yes, this posing tip is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is gracefully walk away from the photographer while holding hands. This walk depicts your entrance to a new family and new responsibilities that you are going to share. The photographer will take a photo of your walk and fully show your readiness for your new shared life.

Almost A Kiss

Bride And Groom Face To Face

The next wedding photography pose is also a very romantic and intimate moment for the couple. It is called “almost a kiss” as it depicts the seconds before your lips touch each other. Your eyes may still be open before the kiss, and the photographer can catch that millisecond of pure emotions. It is also not difficult to pose for a photo and add a natural element to your posing.

Happily Ever After

Man And Woman Kissing

Last but not least, it is the moment of “Happily Ever After”. We call it like that as it is one of the most memorable pictures of the event. It combines so many emotions in one shot that it is challenging to pose artificially. Instead, keep in mind to enjoying our day and openly expressing all the feelings you genuinely feel. The photographers will depict your wedding’s best moments and make it a forever reminder of your “Happily Ever After”.

Along with your wedding’s many responsibilities, wedding photography poses are the ones you least think about. But our advice is to allocate some time for finding your best sides, poses and most comfortable positions with your partner. After all, the pictures will remind you and your family about the joyous event for many years. And keep in mind to not focus too much on each element of your posing; just relax and enjoy your wonderful day to the maximum.