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Top 10 Wedding Cakes That Perfectly Fit the Summer Season

One of the best parts of a wedding is the food, and a wedding cake takes center stage at just about every wedding. Whether it’s something simple and delicious or a confectionery that is elaborate and almost too beautiful to eat, choosing a wedding cake can be an activity that is the highlight of all the planning. Here are examples of 10 beautiful wedding cakes for summer season.

Rainbow Sprinkle

Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

Nothing really says summer like bright, fun colours. A rainbow confetti cake offers a pop of colour on an otherwise traditionally white cake. You can do the entire cake in bold colours or do one layer with fun sprinkles. Ideas for the other layers could invoke some of your favourite summer activities like a cerulean blue for the beach or Popsicle fuchsia for those cool summer treats. Cascading rainbow sprinkles mixed with glitter sparkles also dazzles the eye and is a treat to eat.

Metallic Pattern

Metallic Pattern Cake

Elegant and sweet, a cake with metallic print is eye-catching and shiny. Bakers can use edible metallic paint to achieve any number of looks. You can opt for a classic lacy pattern using gold paint and white frosting, or break out of the mold with stencils that feature things that you and your partner have in common. Gold on a black background is particularly stunning. You can also include sparkles or edible metallic balls that will make the cake shimmer with the light.

Summer Watercolour

Wedding Cakes For Summer Season - Summer Watercolour

A sweet watercolour cake with summery tones like bright oranges, pinks and yellows offers a treat for the eyes as much as for the tongue. With a design that looks like realistic blended watercolour, including bold to faded strokes and overlapping hues, this cake is sure to delight. It is whimsical and fancy, which is typically a hard feat to pull off together.

Citrus and Berries

 Citrus And Berries

The summer season offers a bounty of sweet fruits. Using them in your wedding cake for decoration or taste is a wonderful idea to evoke summer-thoughts. Slices of lemon or orange can cascade down the side of your cake like a waterfall, while raspberries or strawberries can dot the landscape for pops of colour and sweetness to contrast against the tart of your citrus. Alternatively, using candied citrus slices can sweeten the cake while also adding colour.

Marble Texture 

Wedding Cakes For Summer Season - Marble Texture

The look of white marble with some black and grey veining is a very popular aesthetic. Though it may be in for the season, the look of marble is timeless. When decorating a cake, a baker can use frosting, fondant or a glaze to achieve the look of a marbled cake. It is a stunning look achieved through quite simple methods.

White Imprint

White Imprint Wedding Cake

A classic white cake can be taken up a notch by adding a patterned imprint. Fondant typically works best for this, as it takes and holds shapes extremely well. If you want cross-hatch, zig-zags, houndstooth or any other uncommon pattern pressed into your cake, a baker can happily do that. You don’t need to stick to just white, either. You can have a blend of colours, using strips of other fondant or even adding splashes of colour like raindrops. The physical texture creates a lot of visual interest as shadows and lights play on the cake.

Splendid Ombré

The great thing about an ombré cake is that it looks good no matter what colour or type of frosting you choose. You can have the cake do a slow fade from your favourite hue to white or you can have the transition be less gradual and immediate. The beauty of an ombré cake is apparent when you can’t decide what specific shade of peach you want your beautiful summer cake to be. Ombré tells you that the answer is: all! Baby blues, pinks and oranges are ideal summer colours that are light and airy.

Hot Tropical

There’s no doubt that summer evokes visions of the tropics and all the colourful and exotic imagery. Using tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and guava are flavours that guests won’t soon forget. Having a cake reminiscent of the beach with edible shells, coral and pearls really makes those summer vibes flow at your wedding. Also consider bright stencils of flowers or birds to liven up a white cake and make it pop.

Sunflower Dreams

The golden colour of sunflowers sparks instant summer imagery. Consider a yellow cake, ranging from a soft pale yellow or a bright goldenrod hue. Once you top it with sunflowers (frosted or fondant), the effect is immediate. These gorgeous flowers really add a pop of colour and their dark centers provide a lovely contrast. If you don’t want to have too much yellow over your cake, consider adding just a touch with tiny sunflowers scattered around your cake.

Cracked Geode

Wedding Cakes For Summer Season - Cracked Geode Cake Idea

Natural beauty is abundant, and using the cracked open geode as inspiration, you can have a geode cake that is partially split open. You can choose your favourite colour and made it look like a mineral or you can get amethyst-inspired or any other classic gem. Gold touches along the cake and a lighter marbled hue borrowed from your geode can make this a stunning cake to behold. Using sugars and dyes, a baker can replicate the crystalline wonder that is an open geode.

Choosing your cake can be a difficult choice with the range of wedding cakes being seemingly endless. It’s best to pick something that you’ll enjoy in the moment but also be able to look back on in the pictures and not feel like the cake is dated or trendy. Use your personality and your partner’s for inspiration to guide you to the right style. In the end though, remember that it’s a cake—it’s meant to be eaten and savoured. As long as you and your guests eat every morsel, it’s a perfect summer cake.