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Third Floor Tailors Studio Opening: Best Place For All Your Tailoring Needs

On October 24th Third Floor Tailors alteration and custom tailoring studio celebrated its opening at 575 Queen St. West. After almost a month of sleepless nights we are proud to invite you to visit us at the above given address and share with us your impression.

If you ever renovated yourself, you probably know that the space sets up the tone and creates the unique atmosphere. It is incredibly important to make it special and welcoming, so that customer feels good coming up to the third floor and will do so again given our work is up to the highest standard.

After countless discussions and visits to Home Depot and furniture stores we are proud to tell that our Third Floor Tailors studio turned out to be better than we expected! It became an inspirational place where we work with customers and showcase our own creations.

Although on the third floor, it is a hidden gem with high ceilings and a unique light that fills every square inch of this century old loft.

Our celebration was a great success. Our friends and supporters were amazing giving us our first orders and spreading the word around.

Thank you all for your help and support!