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How To Make A Dress Shorter

How to Make a Dress Shorter: Easy and Affordable Methods

Dresses come in different sizes and lengths. Some dresses look best with the flowing, droopy look. Others are best with shorter hems making them look chic and cute. There are
How To Alter A Dress Bust

How to Alter a Dress Bust. Fun & Easy Guide

The perfect dress for your special occasion does exist, but sometimes it may need some small (or not so small) changes to reach utter perfection. Don’t be sad when you
How To Alter A Dress To Make It Bigger

How to Alter a Dress to Make It Bigger — Get it Done in 8 easy steps

You have your perfect dress for an event coming up-but something isn’t quite right- your dress doesn’t fit. This is a disappointing situation to be in. Discovering that your dress
How To Alter A Prom Dress: Dress Adjustments

How to Alter A Prom Dress — Practical Guide on Getting the Best From Your Dress

Getting any of your outfits adjusted can come up due to a several reasons but the main is the size. Your outfit might come smaller or bigger than your original
How Long Do Prom Dress Alterations Take

How Long Do Prom Dress Alterations Take: Have Your Dress Ready Before Your Important Day

A Prom is one of the essential parts of a high school student’s life. It’s something that people look forward to for years and end up remembering long after it’s
How To Alter A Slip Dress

Ultimate Guide on How to Alter a Slip Dress – 6 Simple & Effective Steps

The women’s fashion industry is one of the most versatile industries out there. And as there are so many ways to make a fashion statement that’s it’s pretty tricky to
How To Overcome Post-Wedding Depression

How to Overcome Post-Wedding Depression

First of all – you can learn how to overcome post-wedding depression. After all the excitement and fun, as well as the stress and planning are over, you can sometimes