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7 Important Tips for Making Wedding Guest List for Your Special Day

Congratulations on your engagement and a big step towards family life. We all know that after the ring everyone starts to ask ‘When is the wedding?’. So to represent your couple in the best possible way, detailed planning has to start. While there are some tasty and fun moments in wedding planning, there are also some mandatory stressful tasks. We are here to help you avoid the messy processes of wedding planning. We are delighted to share with you 7 important tips for making wedding guest list. Let’s Go!

Start with numbers

Let’s start at the very beginning. Answer the following questions. Do you already have an approximate number of how many people will be present at your wedding? Have you calculated the budget for the whole event? Have you already found the photographer, venue, music band? It is genuinely essential, to begin with, some answered questions. It will give you a foundation to start building your wedding.

Start with a budget, it doesn’t have to be an exact number at first, but it will give you a preliminary understanding of where you are headed. After deciding on the budget, you are ready to start writing the guest list. We have to warn you, it can get messy and stressful, but always keep in mind that you are planning for your wonderful wedding day.

Additionally, we recommend discussing the guest list split among your and your partner’s family in the beginning. One of the most conventional splitting ways is assigning 50% of the guest list to the couple. The remaining two 25% then to each family. This way, everyone gets to contribute to the wedding guest list.

Have You Decided on Your Wedding Style?

After you have the approximate wedding numbers in your mind, you can start the creative and fun part. Keep in mind that the style and the wedding guest list are connected. You have so many styles and theme options to choose from that your initial guest list will be altered many times.

Making Wedding Guest List: Wedding Table With Guest Name

It’s your day, and you are free to organize it as a small, family-only gathering. But who says that you can’t go to an elegant venue and lots of guests? It all comes down to what you and your fiance imagine your love celebration to look like. Discuss your thoughts and wedding dreams with each other, and you’ll have the perfect choice to celebrate the starting of your family. 

Plus or Minus One? A-List or B-List?

Now let’s focus on the guestlist itself. There are so many factors to consider when planning a wedding, but you don’t have to panic. We are here to share the most important tips for making your wedding guest list so that you enjoy this memorable life event. First things first, establish your priorities with your partner. Do you want to invite Plus Ones either of you have met? Don’t forget that it is the day of celebrating YOUR love, and you both are in charge of who has to share the day with you.

Also, we recommend separating your guests according to their importance of presence. Here’s how it goes; you send invitations to the A-Listers, then wait for their RSVP. If you get No’s from some people, you can go on to the list of B-Listers. Yes, we know that it may sound rude, but the distinction of these lists is going to save you so much budget and minimize empty chairs.

Rules and Boundaries

The next tip we will share with you may also sound cruel at first, but you have to set some conditions for yourself when comprising the list. Initially, you and your partner should decide the ground rules. Do you want to include kids? Are you and your partner considering inviting someone you haven’t spoken to for four years already? Will there be co-workers from both sides? What about their Plus Ones? Are your college friends invited too?

When discussing everything with your partner (and with yourself, of course), you will get a clearer picture of what is going to come. Take into account; these rules are set to help you, not to limit your imagination.

Last but not least, follow the rules you are setting for yourself! Keep in mind that you are doing this to eliminate the complications and create the perfect wedding guest list. You most certainly deserve the ideal party to celebrate soulmates finding each other!

Keeping Track of the Processes

Whether you are planning the wedding guest by software or just in a traditional notebook way, you have to keep it organized. In both cases, colour coding is your best friend. Add separate labels to family, friends, colleagues, distant family, partner’s relatives, and everyone invited. It will make your job so much easier.

When you start arranging the seating charts, you will see both the guest details and the full picture. Also, moving your guests from one table to another won’t be an issue. You’ll even understand how well the guests of specific tables will interact with each other.

Brides Table

Don’t forget to keep track of photographers, caterers, performers, and everyone involved in making that particular day. You should know their responsibilities when they come or go, and other functions if needed. Lastly, comprise a list of the invitations sent, RSVPs and declines. This way, you will always be aware of the guest list updates and manage everything correctly.

Talk with Your Family and Partner

At first, it may seem overwhelming for you to handle ‘the talk’ during the stressful planning. Fortunately, you’ll be amazed at how much this discussion may ease your mind. They are there to enjoy and celebrate YOU in starting a family life. When discussing the wedding guest list with your parents, be sure to ask them about the relatives they would or wouldn’t like to see.

Sometimes, your partner would trust you with every part of the wedding planning. That is very pleasing and stressful at the same time. Our advice is sometimes to involve your partner as well. When making your wedding guest list, please take into account their opinions and suggestions. Believe us; you will have everything more organized after the parent/partner discussion.

Overall, creating the perfect wedding list takes time and effort. Even if you are not asking for an opinion from your partner or family, the moral support they will give you is an immense contribution as well.

Enjoy Your Day to The Fullest!

Finally, don’t forget the main reason for this event. People are gathering to celebrate the love of two soulmates! It is YOUR Wedding Day! Everything is going to be perfect, and you will remember and miss this day for many years.

Bonus Tips:

Did you think that was it? Along with the 7 important tips for making your wedding guest list, we still have some more recommendations to share with you.

Keep your mind as clear as possible.

We fully understand your simultaneous excitement and anxiety. It is a natural process every bride goes through. But it would be best if you took care of your and your partner’s mental health at all times.

Start making a list as soon as possible.

The constant questions like ‘When are you planning to get married?’ may seem intimidating and stop you from starting the planning on time. However, keep in mind that the sooner you start, the less stressful it will be for you. Even small decided details will make a significant impact in easing your planning.

And remember, love is the answer to all the questions. During the wedding, everyone is going to gather to celebrate with you! It’s your day; enjoy it and make it one of the most memorable events of your lives.