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How to Overcome Post-Wedding Depression

First of all – you can learn how to overcome post-wedding depression. After all the excitement and fun, as well as the stress and planning are over, you can sometimes feel a little lost or empty. You’ve likely spent a lot of time, effort and money on this wedding and when it draws to a close, even if it lived up to expectations, it can be saddening because it’s over. This is a completely normal feeling to have and you’re not alone. However, it’s best to start tackling these feelings head-on rather than letting them fester. And remember – nothing is impossible.

Prevention Tips

To mitigate the emotional roller-coaster later on, be sure to immerse yourself fully in your wedding weekend. Enjoy everything that your planning and dedication has led up to. Have fun at your party. Taste all the food and appetizers. Dance with your new husband and relatives and friends you don’t see often. Sample all of your signature drinks. Don’t take anything too seriously and ignore details like a fallen streamer or misplaced flower arrangement. Nothing is perfect, but that isn’t a prerequisite for fun.

Signs You’re Feeling Down

If you’re having any of the following symptoms, you may have post-wedding depression and should treat yourself like a beloved friend in need of comfort.

  • Erratic crying
  • Intense sadness
  • Avoiding wedding-related activities

It’s time to break out the fuzzy slippers and get your comfort foods ready and spend some time pampering yourself. Overcome your post-wedding depression.

How To Overcome Post-Wedding Depression

How to Get Through

Avoid making yourself feel worse. You don’t need to stress about things that weren’t perfect at your wedding or anything that could have been better. Literally no one noticed, and if they did—it didn’t stop them from having a fantastic time, which is what they’ll remember when they think about your wedding years later.

Don’t go looking at weddings on social media. Other people are having them, and that’s great. Maybe they have a bigger budget and can do your dream wedding at their own expense. That’s fine. Your wedding was wonderful because it was yours and it was a blast. You don’t need to compare weddings to make yourself feel bad. Look through your own wedding photos and see how much fun everyone was having. Tip: be sure not to criticize yourself for your appearance.

How To Overcome Post-Wedding Depression: Final Thoughts

Recognize that you’ve been anticipating this milestone for months, if not years. It’s a big motivator to have a wedding, since it’s something that can help you get into shape, be a conversation-starter and mark a part of adulthood. Then suddenly it’s over. It’ll take time to transition back to regular life, so allow yourself that period of time. With the wedding over, you won’t be as stressed and you’ll have more free time. Get back to doing things that you loved before the proposal even came.

Talk to friends and your new husband. Even if they don’t fully understand, they are your sources of empathy. If after six months, you’re still blue, seek mental health help to start making progress and finally overcome post-wedding depression.