When the calendar is filled with joyous events of various types, the wardrobe should also be full of elegant and stylish dresses. To shine during every occasion, it is vitally important to consider numerous factors such as the party’s theme, the weather, your mood and a lot more. Admittedly, the eventual goal is to look stunning and grab everyone’s attention, but these goals can get lost when selecting the ideal dress. That’s why we are here to share our insights on how to choose a party dress.

As mentioned, the final aim of choosing a dress for a party is to look chic and express your inner and outer beauty.  First and foremost, you should feel comfortable in any dress you choose. Go with the dress silhouette you are delighted with and can quickly move around. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment as well. Look for shapes that are not common for you, try those on and fall in love with yourself all over again. Overall, don’t be afraid to show yourself in a brand new light.

All in all, we hope our guide will help you in finding your ideal dresses for every occasion you are invited to. From office gatherings to more lavish evenings, we are going to answer the most critical question of all times “What to Wear?”.


So, What to Wear?

Let’s start with breaking down the process of choosing the perfect dress step by step. First, what event are you invited to? Or maybe you are hosting an event yourself. It doesn’t matter; you should look fabulous. Identify the gathering’s dress code to fully correspond to the day’s style and theme to maximize the party’s joy. Then decide on what colour would suit you the most on that particular day. Now you have a basic understanding of some elements of the dress.

Afterwards, choose the dress type according to your body type, and voila! You have now set the base for your dress choice. We’ll elaborate on each component further, but at this moment, you already have a clear picture of what to expect from your outfit. Next, you are going to add the finishing touches and accessorize your dress. Lastly, make sure that the clothing you choose doesn’t hurt your pocket. After all, there are so many options to choose from nowadays, so any budget lets you look fabulous. So let’s dive in.

How To Choose A Party Dress

What to Consider When Choosing a Party Dress?

All of the events set several similar goals, having fun, looking chic, and make it a memorable day! As mentioned above, we are going to go over factors to consider before choosing a dress. Let’s start with the easiest one, the dress code of the party.

Casual or Informal Dress Code

The dress code we follow every day is the casual or informal dress code. This is admittedly the most comfortable one as well. You can’t go wrong with this dress code as it requires you to dress what you are most comfortable in. Choose sneakers, a blazer, and some minimalistic accessories to complete your look.

Casual Chic or Dressy Casual Dress Code

Casual chic goes a step further and invites you to wear that new dress you have been thinking about. It’s the perfect occasion to dress up and spice up your everyday look. You can go with lovely separates, or heels with jeans and you’ll have a winning look for that day.

Smart Casual Dress Code

While the smart casual dress code is the most confusing one, it is admittedly one of the chicest ways to dress up for any occasion. In this dress code level, jeans are inappropriate, but there are still lots of ways to dress up. Just go in a pencil skirt and a jacket, as if you are going to a very important meeting.

Business Casual Dress Code

Next up, the business casual model is purely what you imagine wearing to an office. Of course, it mostly depends on the workplace itself. It includes the clothes you will wear to work.

Beach Formal Resort Dress Code

If you are lucky to live near the beach, it means that beach parties are a common event in your life. In other cases as well, beach parties require a specific flowy and beachy dress code. Choose the outfit that perfectly combines comfort and chic. As beach locations are often chosen for weddings, keep in mind that strong winds won’t ruin. Flowy jumpsuits are one of the best choices for this occasion. Also, keep your accessories to the minimum to maximize your comfort.


Next up is the well-known cocktail dress code for fun parties. This dress code requires you to be stunning and playful, not revealing but brave. Choose dresses that accentuate your body type and make you feel like the only girl in the world. Here, the little black dress with statement accessories is a winning outfit.

Semi-Formal Dress Code

One of the most tricky levels is considered the semi-formal dress code. It is above cocktail, below formal, so there are specific rules to follow. Just go with the sophisticated choice that has a little bit of unique spice to it. One of the most common choices is the little black dress, not much above the knee.

Black Tie

We are more than sure that you’ve heard about this dress code; there are even songs dedicated to the name of “black tie”. It implies a black suit and tie for man, and long sophisticated dresses for women. It is advisable to choose an elegant colour and feminine silhouette.

White Tie

The highest level of dress code is the white tie. If you are invited to a white tie party, make sure to plan everything. Choose an evening gown and appropriate gloves to complete your look. Make sure to accessorize appropriately and keep your gloves on when drinking or dancing.

Two Women Holding Wine Glasses

What about the Accessories?

One of the most essential components of your look is the accessories. Whether you are wearing a simple dress, choose huge statement accessories and vice versa. Don’t over-accessories, so that you feel comfortable and can freely have fun. Minimalistic hoops, chains, statement bracelets are all great choices for complimenting your outfit. Whatever you decide on, just be yourself, express your uniqueness and don’t be afraid to experiment.

How to Dress for a Pool Party

Summer is just around the corner, so beach parties, gatherings near pools and water weddings are here as well. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a dress for a pool party. For instance, are you going to swim in the pool? How long are you going to stay at the party? And a lot more. Read on to find out how to nail a pool party look every time.

Start with the bathing suit, understand if you are going to need one. If so, is it going to be a one-piece that you can wear as a top? If the answer is yes, then just choose a statement bottom, like a flowy summer skirt or jeans shorts with statement accessories. Also, don’t forget about the chilly evenings. Grab a playful jacket to complete your pool party outfit.

If you are not planning on swimming, you can choose beachy overalls that won’t limit your movement and accentuate your body. Don’t forget a pool classic, a simple white shirt that literally can’t complete any outfit near the pool. Lastly, if you are feeling carefree, just go in your bikini and enjoy your party.

How to Dress for a High Tea Party

Planning a tea party or being invited to one is a serious matter, and you should prepare accordingly. Prepare as if you are invited to Buckingham Palace to take tea with the Queen. Commonly, the appropriate dress code for a high tea party is considered intelligent casual. You should pay attention to the invitation and the mentioned dress attire, but be sure that sportswear, jeans, shorts are not acceptable.

The high tea party’s ideal outfit is a maxi dress or skirt, with an easy flow, paired with kitten heels for women. If the weather is tricky, just grab a matching blazer as well. Additionally, other great choices for afternoon tea include well-tailored pants with classy tops and finished with blazers. Keep the accessories to the minimum to feel comfortable and move freely. Enjoy your tea afternoon to the fullest.

How to Dress for an Office Party

Now, let’s discuss chic looks to choose for an office party. It doesn’t matter if you work in a company that employs hundreds of people or just a small business of about fifty people. You have to make a statement with your outfit to show that your work ethic isn’t the only top quality. One thing to keep in mind is that you are still going to work with those people on Monday, so maintain your professionalism.

Set the base for your choices, decide on something comfortable for you and surely add a statement piece to your look. Depending on the venue and the theme of the party, spice up your eyes. If you are going to participate in a lavish event, choose a dress for the occasion. Confidently go with sparkly minis and shine all night long. Pair your dress with a matching statement colour heel and a minimalistic clutch. Just like that, you are the star of the night.

If your office gathering is a small one that doesn’t require lots of effort, you will just need to step up your everyday office looks with statement pieces. Upgrade your look with red lipstick, red pumps and unique gold accessories. Style your hair in a way that you don’t style often, and voila, you are again in the center of attention.

How to Dress for the 90’s Party

Everyone enjoys reminiscing about the iconic 90’s, neon, glam, the start of technological advancements, and just happy times. That’s why 90’s parties are a common event to organize, as everyone wants to bring back the nostalgic feels. The last decade of the previous century felt simpler and happier at the same time.

Let’s stop with the nostalgia and choose an ideal 90’s outfit. Admittedly, we have a wide variety of choices to choose from, so pay attention to the party’s requirements. We will start with one of the 90’s iconic looks, Cher’s matching skirt and blazer duo. The minis, the checkered pattern were a dream back then and still are admired today. So the first option for a 90’s party is a retro preppy outfit with a sleek hairstyle.

The next purely 90’s outfit is a hip-hop rapper look. The CK underwear, paired with low-rise trousers and Timberlands, was the look. All of it paired with gold chains to finalize your look. So, here you have the second option for your 90’s party look.

Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to mimic a 90’s music video outfit, like Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” or Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle”. Just don’t forget to add your style elements to showcase your style and the effort you put into getting stunning outfits.

How to Dress up for a Masquerade Party

At first, when you hear a masquerade party, you may not be sure what to wear, as the first thing that comes to mind is the Mask. But fortunately, it is relatively easy to choose what to wear for a masquerade party. For women, the task is to choose a stunning dress, and for men, it is choosing the tuxedo. Also, don’t forget to check if your masquerade has a theme meaning so that you correspond your outfit to it. Now let’s dive in.

First and foremost, decide on the level of extravaganza you want for your look. Pick the elements, colours, mask and accessories. In other words, set the base for your costume. Masquerade parties are still considered black tie events, so formal attire is required. Choose long gowns that are comfortable and match with the style and colours of your mask. When choosing an outfit for a masquerade party, the priority is always the mask itself. Go with a unique option, don’t be afraid to experiment, add feathers, sparkly stones, and statement elements that will make you stand out.

Lastly, don’t forget about your comfort. After all, you need energy to dance and enjoy the day, so pick comfortable clothing and mask for the masquerade party.

 Women Wearing Eye Mask At Masquerade Party

How to Dress up for a Wedding Party

Lastly, let’s discuss outfit options for a wedding party. We all understand that wedding parties can be radically different. And all require specific approaches to the look of that day. We’ll start by breaking down the categories and suggest an outfit for each wedding style.

The base for each of the coming outfits is the same, it is formality, chic and comfort. Afterwards, let the location of the wedding guide you through your outfit choice. If the location of the wedding is a historic mansion, you should choose a maxi dress or a satin gown with a chic blazer. But if the wedding is organized in a beach location, your choices are completely different. Go with a flowy jumpsuit to match the breeze. Let the wind play with your outfit and present you to the guests from different perspectives.

Next, if you are invited to a farm wedding party, put the emphasis on comfort and don’t over-accessorize. Also, another rule to keep in mind that it is a taboo to wear white during weddings. It is the bride’s color and unless you have been requested to wear white, choose something else.

Another basic rule that will help you while choosing a wedding party outfit, is to avoid casual attire as much as possible. Say no to jeans and anything sporty. Even if the dress code says ‘Casual’, during the wedding you should choose casual dresses or simple rompers.

Final Words

Overall, it is important to remember that during any occasion the essential thing is to enjoy the event as much as possible. You are invited to a place to share happiness and no outfit will stop you from doing so. Keep in mind that the way you feel is way more important than the way you look. But we are more than sure that our guide has helped you in choosing the right party dress. Enjoy the party to the fullest, collect memories and shine on!

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