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How to Alter A Prom Dress — Practical Guide on Getting the Best From Your Dress

Getting any of your outfits adjusted can come up due to a several reasons but the main is the size. Your outfit might come smaller or bigger than your original size making it quite uncomfortable for you. It is in times like this that you need to make some adjustments to it to get the size you want. Altering you outfit shouldn’t be a big deal but you should know that not all outfits can be adjusted. The reason is that the adjustment depends on the location and type of error on the dress. Now let us go into how to alter a prom dress.

Can I Alter My Prom Dress? And How to Alter a Prom Dress?

The first question on people’s mind when in a pinch with their prom dress is “Can I alter my prom dress?” As stated above, there is no direct answer to this because there are a lot of things you need to consider. Firstly, you need to consider the general appearance of your prom dress to avoid changing it. Take for example, will reducing a hemline affect a particular design that attracted you to the prom dress?

How To Alter A Prom Dress

You wouldn’t want to spoil your prom dress right before flaunting it so you need to be careful. Considering several things involved in adjusting your prom dress, you need to know some details. Even a professional will find some alterations difficult and some impossible so knowing these details are important. Here are some of the details that can assist you just as an alteration guide.

Alteration of Embellishments

It takes a professional seamstress to alter dresses which are designed with embellishments such as embroideries, beads etc. Depending on the skill of the seamstress, the cost and time it will take for this alteration may vary. The area where you need the alteration done should also be taken into account.

Alteration of Bra Cups

Bra cups are designed to dresses in situations where you don’t feel like wearing a bra with your chosen style. It is done to keep the modesty while still retaining your desired design. Bra cups also makes you have the feeling of worrying less about bras with strapless type prom dresses. They are not very hard to attach to your prom dress depending on the type of fabric used. This means you can easily have them attached or removed if you are not satisfied with the shape or volume. So, if you prefer to use bras the you should consider not going for the bra cups.

Alteration of Neckline

Making adjustments to the neckline of your prom dress can be very tricky because it doesn’t work every time. The reason for this is that adjustments to neckline involving cutting fabrics do not really pose a threat. Adjustments involving adding of fabrics on the other hand is an alteration that can spoil the dress design. Neckline alterations like scoop or straight type designs to V-type neckline designs require cutting fabrics.

Low necklines can be adjusted by raising the straps on the shoulders of the prom dress. Although it is not advisable, matching another fabric works too but can be tricky most times. You can also fix necklines that have gaps by adding pleats or darts to flatter the shape of the dress. Create a formal appearance by classing up your dress with the addition of embellishments.

Altering Your Zipper

Removing, adding or relocating the Zippers on your prom dress is not bad but like other adjustments, there are things to consider. First, if you plan to add a Zipper to your prom dress, be sure to find out if there is enough fabric for it. Fixing a zipper when the dress is already the right size can make it tighter than it should be. Depending on your choice and design, you can have the zipper fixed to anywhere on your dress. Regardless of how or where you want the zipper, always ensure you have a professional seamstress do it. This is to get the best job done without ruining the dress in any way.

Hemming Alterations

Hemming generally is making an adjustment by cutting the bottom of a dress mostly done to fit your height. Since it is related to height, most people do this adjustment very often because people have different heights. Hemming a dress might sound easy but it’s actually quite technical because it is not just about cutting.

You have to consider the fittings, how the dress should be around the waist what quantity to cut, etc. You will need to know if it’s a front or back hem depending on the design of your prom dress. Consideration on the hemming being shorter or longer should also be checked. Note that the designs close to the bottom might be lost due to the hemming process.

Sleeve Alterations

When considering any adjustment that has to do with the sleeves, it is advisable to contract it to a professional. This is because a wrong adjustment to the sleeve can completely or partially ruin your dress. A professional Seamstress will be able to tell you with just a glance or few measurements if your dress can be adjusted. Also, depending on your request, they know what to do and where to do it. You might have to take care of some expenses if you plan to add sleeves to your dress especially in the absence of fabric. An alternative is to get a shawl or jacket to replace the sleeves since not all fabrics will fit with your dress.

Strap Alterations

Many prom dresses are designed to have temporary straps which means you can remove them for a strapless design. However, sometimes the initial design of your dress might not include a strap so what do you do? Adjusting your prom dress to get straps fixed is not that hard, the only issue might be matching the fabric.

Taking off the straps that are initially fitted to your dress is also not much of a deal to do. In cases where your dress has a backless design, be sure to confirm if it can hold without the straps. Be sure to let your seamstress know your preference since they can tell if adding or removing straps will be good or bad for your dress.

How much do alterations cost

Knowing the cost before heading on to adjust your prom dress is very important. You won’t want any hinderance in the adjustments. The average cost charged for adjustments on prom dresses range between $30 to $50 per hour for a professional seamstress. The complexity and type of fabrics also affect the price which means the harder the adjustment, the higher the cost.

Duration of Alteration

The time it takes for an adjustment to be completed ranges between one week to two months depending on the complexity. The skill and schedule of the seamstress are also significant factors that affect the duration. Always be sure to inquire ahead on the duration and the process from your seamstress.

In situations where the cost to alter your dress is too high or adjustments can’t be done at all, returning it is the best option. You can always go for another size and design but be sure to find out if it can be adjusted affordably first.