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How To Alter a Circle Skirt (2 effective methods to transform your skirt)

Circle skirts are by choice one of the most loved and favorite style of skirts ever invented. They could be classy or straightforward, long or short, regular or custom, whatever way they come, circle skirts are known to be the bomb of any outfit. Circle skirts are not only favorites to those who wear them but also to the ones to make them. They are one of the most effortless fashion pieces to cut and finish in minutes. Just like the name implies, circle skirts come in circular folding, cutting, and finishing. As simple as this process seems, even circle skirts come with their share of complexity. So how to alter a circle skirt if?

Circle skirts do not have as many measurements and specifications as other skirts. While this might be seen as an advantage, it could also mean quite the disadvantage if making specific alterations and adjustments to the circle skirt. If proper care is not taken, you could ultimately damage your circle skirt if you do not know the right way to make alterations to your circle skirt. Not to worry, here is the guide you need on how to make alterations to your circle skirts.

Making Alterations to Your Circle Skirts

When it comes to altering circle skirts, there are different parts with different measurements, each having its different methods on how they should be changed. Circle skirts alterations are different from other types of the skirt. So you will need to know how to change circle skirts for various fitting issues.

Altering the Waist of a Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are cut circularly, then attached to a band. This is almost like everyday skirts except for one thing. When a circle skirt has been cut out with a circular shape, it is cut in a specific measurement at which the waistband must fit. Adjusting the waist would mean making adjustments to the circumference of the circle skirt as well. When it comes to altering a circle skirt, it is much easier to increase than to reduce. So here are ways to modify both types.

Reducing the Waistband of a Circle Skirt

When reducing the waist, you do not need to condemn the circle skirt and cut another one. There is a much simpler and fashionable hack to solve this problem. First, you detach the band from the circle skirt by loosing the seams that join them. Next, you reduce the length of the band to your current waist measurement. When this has been done, you can now go ahead reattach and the skirt. One thing to note is that by reducing the band, the skirt’s circumference is more than that of the band. Here are two ways to also solve that problem.

How to alter a circle skirt: Method 1

Pick one side, most likely the skirt’s back and cut it straight down from the base to the hem, making it open up. Now attach the band (which will also be slit on one side ) carefully to the skirt. There will be an excess left out on one end. Trim it up and then join both sides together from base to hem. This method’s downside is that it will leave a joining on the skirt, making it more of a flared skirt than a circle skirt.

How to alter a circle skirt: Method 2

Detach the band from the circle skirt and reduce the band length to the preferred waist measurement. Once this is done, you go ahead to join back. However, unlike the first method, where you trim the excesses, you pleat the extras into the joining. First, you measure the circumference of the circle skirt and compare it to the new and length. This way, you know how much excess is going to be left behind. Once you have this, you can now share the extras equally across the skirt in such a way that after a specific distance, you pleat in a certain amount of excess.

You continue this way till you have joined the band and the skirt together. The downside to this method is that it is harder to do, and if you are not an expert tailor, you could get frustrated with this method or, worse, ruin the skirt. This method’s upside is that it brings out more beautiful, flowing, and arranged circle skirts. The pleatings give it more fullness and beauty when done correctly. This method is the most advisable for reducing the waist and circumference of your circular skirts.

Increasing the Waistband of the Skirt

Increasing the waistband of a circle skirt is relatively one of the most uncomplicated alterations you can make to a dress. This is because the circle skirt’s circumference can be increased just by trimming it in a little. The only downside to this is that you will have to cut a new waist band.

How yo Increase the Waist of a Circle Skirt

First, detach the waistband from the circle skirt by loosening the seams. Next, you fold back your circle skirt into its triangular form or square form. If you are using a pattern, fold it back to the placing of the design. Mark out the new measurements for the waist, and then trim the circumference a little. (For a significant increase in length, the increase might affect the overall skirt length and might require a joining at the hem).

Once you have trimmed, you confirm the circumference measurement and use the new size to cut your new waist. Once this is done, you can now go ahead to reattach the waistband to the circle skirt. Take proper care and pay much attention to measurements in circle skirts because the lightest changes can alter the entire dress’s outlook and fitting.

Unlike many people, it is essential to take measurements and not just trim or pleat in the circle skirt. So you don’t make a mistake and have to start all over or condemn the entire skirt. As little as that trim or pleat might seem, it is equally essential to get the exact measurements. As a result it comes out as a well-fitting and organized skirt.

Reducing The Length Of a Circle Skirt

Place the skirt on the pattern or fold it into the triangular or circular shape used to cut it out in the first place. Measure the length of the skirt you would prefer. Next, you trace out the curves using the skirt’s base as the landmark to trace out the hem. Once this is done, you can trace it out. You can go ahead to hem it, add laces to the other or make some additional changes to clean up the edges.

Increasing the Length of a Circle Skirt

Increasing the hem is a very tricky alteration to do. This would mean attaching extra material to the current length you already have. The first step is to trim off the hemming or folding done at the end of the skirt. The next thing is to place it on the pattern or in its initial triangular or square folding used to cut it out. Now you go ahead to joining the material at the base by placing it right below it. Since a circle skirt extends the lower it goes, it is advisable to have enough clothing material ready for the process.

Now measure the new length, then trace the curves using the base of the skirt as the landmark to trace the hem. Once this is done, you can trace it out. You can go ahead to hem it. Add laces to the other or make some additional changes to clean up the edges. When increasing the length, you can decide to get creative, add new materials, or mix with a different color to spice up your circle skirt.

When adjusting a circle skirt, it is vital to remember that any minor change made to the circle skirt could affect its overall measurement or fitting. And if you are not sure about making the alterations yourself, you can always reach out to an expert to get it done for you!