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First «Happy New Year» from 3rd Floor Tailors

Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2014 we have to say that it has been a very important year for 3rd floor tailors. We are looking forward to a promising year of 2015!

Despite being open to the public only since October 24th 2014 we can proudly say that we have already gained returning clients, trustworthy suppliers and collaborators. Thank you all! We are very happy to work with you all!

Of course for any start-up business it is incredibly important to advertise. Yes, we try to advertise our alteration and custom tailoring services online and outdoors. But there is no better advertising for 3rd floor tailors than a returning customer, a customer that comes by a recommendation or simply a happy customer.

When you buy (or inherit) a piece of clothing from a world leading fashion house you want that piece to fit you like a glove. But as time goes by and our figures (or fashion change), we still want our favorite piece to fit. Alteration is your only way to extend the life of your favorite piece. We are proud to say that our customers trust us their pieces from the best fashion brands like Chanel, DSquared, Gucci

The products from high end fashion houses are very often quite innovative not only in their design or sense of fashion. They often have non-traditional cutting techniques. Attention to detail and the quality of sewing are quite exceptional as well. Being trained in the textile industry for more than 15 years we know the process of garment construction starting from the textile itself. We can understand and assess your piece and do the alteration in a most delicate way so it won’t loose its character and charm.

Happy New Year

If a similar piece like that ends up in unspecialized alteration it very often gets “butchered”. We already had to salvage few “butchered” pieces.

Most walk-in alterations in Toronto are quite good at doing quick and simple tasks of shortening trousers and sleeves. To learn how to do alterations on a simple man’s shirt doesn’t require long training. But more complex pieces require years of learning and experience and are a real challenge for quickly trained alteration personnel. We can guarantee that we will take the best possible care of your best piece.

For many our clients it was a surprise to see that besides shortening sleeves and trousers we also develop our own collection of clothing and accessories. We find it only natural as we love to exercise our taste for fashion design and our set of mind for art of dressing up by creating our own collection of unique pieces.

Happy New Year !

Thank you for your constant support!

Wishing you a very happy 2015!