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Top 5 Most Amazing Garden Wedding Ideas for Summer

How much does a wedding cost?

Did you know that the average Canadian wedding now costs a massive $30 000!? For newly engaged couples, this figure can seem threatening to the prospect of an idyllic ceremony and happily ever after.

90% of the cost of a wedding is made up from five main factors that include the following:

The rising price of weddings has resulted in couples finding creative ways to save money on the things they need to tie to knot. Meaning that some fabulously unconventional venues, themes, favors and more are coming out of the woodwork to inspire us to save money while still having the big day of our dreams.

Garden Wedding Ideas For Summer

Trendy & Cost-Effective Garden Wedding Ideas for Summer

If you’re engaged and looking for ways to reduce the cost of getting married without having to sacrifice the magic of your special day, then you’re in luck! Current wedding trends are aligning with the need for lower prices.

The nation’s favorite theme is rustic woodland weddings! With 16% of engaged couples choosing this theme and who can blame them? It looks fantastic and you can create some amazing decorations very cost effectively.

Alongside this trend, 10% of engaged couples are opting for alternative wedding venues like gardens to keep costs down. Rising temperatures are also making this option even more viable than ever before. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful and cost-effective wedding solution, a woodland garden theme appears to be a brilliant option!

Awesome Summer garden wedding ideas

To help you to explore having a summer garden wedding in a little bit more depth, we’ve compiled this list of awesome garden wedding ideas to inspire you to take the plunge – Enjoy!

Family garden wedding

If you’re lucky enough to have a family member with a big garden that you can transform into an amazing summer garden wedding venue, then you will be able to reduce the cost of your wedding by hundreds, if not thousands of pounds!

When you use a private venue like this, you can be certain that your wedding will be unique. You will also have a greater degree of control over what is included. The only downsides to this are that you are likely to have to pay for or rent all of the things that you need to dress your venue e.g. tables, chairs, linens etc. and that you will either have to get a marriage license for your venue or officiate it at a registry office afterwards.

This option definitely has a bigger DIY element to it, but the amount of money that you and your guests can save with BYOB and the ability to choose your own caterer is definitely a positive that makes a family garden wedding worth considering.

Beer garden wedding

For a slightly more equipped summer garden wedding venue option, you may want to consider a beer garden. This might sound a little bit tacky at first, however, after further investigation, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of amazing options you have in this area.

Beer gardens aren’t the dingy holes that they used to be. Many pubs and bars are now making the effort to add a little bit of class to the outside of their venue by installing outside bars and cushion covered chill spots that wouldn’t be out of place in a more conventional venue.

As with any other venue, costs for hiring a beer garden for your wedding can vary depending on which day of the week you choose, due to demand. However, a lot of venues with a beer garden might even allow you to have to celebration space for free as long as you use them for your catering and bar supplies as this is where they will make their money.

Gin garden wedding

The rise of the gin garden hasn’t gone unnoticed by the wedding industry. These venues are often found in city centre bars and pubs in higher income areas as they are a slightly more upmarket, modern alternative to a beer garden.

Many couples are opting for this choice of wedding venue so that they can get all of the thrills of a wedding in the great outdoors while remaining futuristic, classy and not having to ruin their shoes!

The cost of a venue such as this tends to be a little bit higher than a beer garden, however that’s just the unfortunate price for this level of style! Venues like this are more likely to insist that you use their catering services or their recommended vendors which also comes with a slightly bigger price tag than pub grub. However, given that you may need to spend less on venue decoration, you can still get away with creating an unforgettable (and cost-effective) wedding experience in a gin garden if you plan effectively.

Rooftop garden wedding

Due to a lack of green development space in highly populated areas, we have seen a lot more rooftop gardens emerging over recent years.

This venue choice is brilliant for couples that want the rustic woodland experience accompanied by a powerful view. Photo opportunities will be abundant and your guests will truly be inspired by the beauty of what they see in every aspect of your special day.

The cost of a rooftop garden venue can vary depending on if it is a communal garden or an official venue. Both options are out there, so all you need to do is do some research and make sure that you get permission from the right places.

Country house garden wedding

When you envision the perfect wedding venue, you may not be able to shake the idea of a country house, castle or estate. However, many people have a budget that doesn’t comply with such an extravagant wedding venue. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream of saying “I do” in such a location, you just need to find a way to keep costs down.

Using the garden of a country estate venue is often a lot cheaper than hiring the building itself. Plus, you would also still be able to take advantage all of the photo opportunities that the venue has to offer so you can capture those picture perfect memories forever.

Garden Wedding Welcome Sign

Finding the summer garden wedding venue of your dreams

There you have it! These are some fantastically inspiring ideas for a summer garden wedding venue for your special day! So, if you’re getting married this summer then why not investigate the garden venue options in your area and save some money whilst getting the most out of an idyllic location?

Regardless of what your perfect special day looks like, we wish you luck in finding the best wedding venue for your needs and hope that your special day is the perfect start to an amazing marriage!

Good luck!