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What You Should Consider Before Planning a Destination Wedding

If you’re planning on getting married in the next couple of years, but are struggling to figure out how you’re going to afford your big day, then a destination wedding may be a fantastic option!

What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place overseas or in a “destination” that is a long way from home.

In order to plan this type of wedding, you will require nerves of steel, long-distance planning skills and travel planning skills for not just you, but your entire wedding party. It’s not a challenge for the faint hearted, but it can be done successfully if you get organized well in advance and allocate your resources wisely.

Destination Wedding

Why couples choose to get married abroad

Getting married abroad is surprisingly far more cost-effective that tying the knot at home. The average Canadian wedding now costs $40,000 to $50,000, whereas the average destination wedding costs less than $12,000

That’s a lot less than third the cost of getting married in the Canada and there are good reasons why…

As with any long-distance plans, you will always have a number of people that cannot afford to make it. However, this means that you will save on catering, favors, table placements, decorations and more.

This can be a blessing in disguise to many engaged couples with large families and big groups of friends, as it helps you to narrow down your guest list to an affordable number without causing offense. Plus, you’re less likely to see people attending that you’re obligated to invite and don’t really want there!

Putting financial factors aside, destination weddings are also growing in popularity because of the amazing potential that they have to make your special day something to remember. Photo opportunities in foreign locations are abundant, you’re almost guaranteed the climate you desire and you can be certain that your wedding will be unique!

This makes getting married abroad a really enticing option for all engaged couples! But what are your options?

Outdoor Wedding

Destination wedding options

When we think destination wedding, you automatically think beaches and ocean views. However, your options are far more extensive than that! The world is quite literally your oyster, so you’re sure to be able to find that perfect venue if you open your mind and get searching for those amazing wedding destinations.

Each couple has its own needs and personality, so when trying to pick a location, think about what makes you special as a couple and choose a venue to match!

For example, couples that enjoy being active together in the great outdoors might prefer a mountain resort, trendy couples might choose a venue with a great city skyline view and slightly eccentric couples might opt for something a little different like a landmark or boat… the possibilities are endless!

Just remember when you are assessing your destination wedding options, that your guests will need to be able to afford it too! So, don’t pick a venue that is unrealistic for those you want to attend your special day.

The difficulties with a destination wedding

There are a number of problems that can arise when you’re planning a wedding overseas. As previously mentioned, if you are expecting your guests to pay for their own plane tickets, then this will automatically result in a higher number of drop-outs.

Furthermore, coordinating a wedding in a different country can be really difficult if you aren’t on the ball. You’re going to need to plan meticulously if you want to avoid problems and organise an event of this caliber abroad.

How to avoid issues with your destination wedding

To help you achieve this, we’ve created this list of potential issues with a destination wedding and ways to avoid them so that you can find solutions to any difficulties that you may encounter.

Coordinating your wedding vendors

Venues, flowers, décor, catering… There’s a long list of people that you will need to coordinate in order to make sure that your special day goes down without a hitch!

To help you to organize this, we suggest that you create a little wedding bible of all of the details, timings and information of your wedding vendors so they are accessible if you ever need them. Doing this will also allow you to easily go through your list and double, triple or quadruple confirm all of your arrangements before the big day.

Confirming and coordinating your guests

This is an important aspect to any wedding. However, it is twice as important for a destination wedding as you are going to need to coordinate everyone too!

Having a final guest list will mean that you can get an accurate price for your wedding essentials. It will also mean that you can start to make logistical arrangements to get everyone to where they need to be for your special day AND you will have a firm number of people so that you can negotiate pricing better and give guests time to save.

To help with this, we recommend that you confirm your approximate guest numbers as soon as possible so you have plenty of time to speak to travel agents, transfer companies and airlines to find the best rates for your guests. This will not only save your guests money, but you could possibly save some cash or get some extra perks by using your bulk buyer power!

Helping people that can’t attend to get involved in your special day

As previously mentioned, a destination wedding comes at the price of less guests. However, it doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on your special moments!

To get those unable to attend involved in your wedding, you could set up a live feed on Facebook or an alternative platform so that everyone at home gets to watch the action. This would make sure that they get to witness those amazing moments that will only happen once in your lifetime!

Bringing the destination wedding experience home with you

If you’ve done a little bit of research into getting married abroad already, then you will already be aware that you may have to officiate your marriage when you get back to your home nation.

This might be a bit of a farce, but it is also a good opportunity to have a second wedding bash that everyone can attend. It doesn’t have to be anything as lavish as your original ceremony and reception, but it will give you the chance to keep everyone happy while extending your celebrations!

What’s better than one wedding party? TWO!

Kissing Couple

Getting married abroad

We hope that this article has given you some great ideas for making sure everything goes perfectly when you decide to tie the knot! No matter which destination you choose for your wedding, we hope that it’s the day that you have always dreamed of!

Good luck in your happily ever after!