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6 Unique Wedding Dress Ideas We Think You Would Love

You must have heard this said before, and we will tell it again; The best wedding dresses are the ones with the inspiration behind them. When searching through the net, trying to find that perfect style, mix, and matchup, inspired wedding dresses to keep coming up from time to time, and you definitely should check them out. Many brides spend loads of time picking the perfect parts of their wedding dress to make up that one ideal piece of stunning beauty. Yes, this can be fun and exciting, but it can also be frustrating and time-consuming.

So while you might want to take your time to find the perfect pieces all put together, inspired unique wedding dress ideas can do the bulk of the work for you so you can focus on other parts of planning your wedding. Sounds great, yeah? So let’s get right to it!

Why Do You Need An Inspired Wedding Dress?

Unique Wedding Dress Ideas

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding and undoubtedly the most special panning process for the bride. Here’s the thing, wedding dresses are beyond the tight-fitting top, mainly with a corset and a ball gown like a modern-day Cinderella. It has become much more than that, and brides have found expression through their wedding gowns. Finding one gown that fits all of these together in one place is quite a daunting task. That shouldn’t be, and here are two ways inspired wedding dresses can help some of those issues.

The Work is Done For You

When dress shopping, the challenge faced by most brides is finding that one dress that has the features they need and love to be on their wedding dress. The chances of finding a wedding dress that suits your personality hanging on a mannequin in a bridal shop are low. This is why most brides settle for a custom-made dress where they match up different gowns into one. What if I told you that dress could be found in one piece without the custom stress and cost? It’s possible with inspired dress ideas that go beyond just the regular dress style and more into personalities and expression.

These wedding dresses feature multiple parts from multiple styles and trends and combine them in one beautiful expression. As the bride, all you need to do is find your most favorite style inspiration and check out wedding dress ideas, and you are sure to end up with the “wow” you’ve been searching for all season.

It Saves Time and Cost

There are times when you know what you want, yet you just can’t put it into an image or even words. Here is where inspired dresses come to play. They are the description of what you are looking for without the need to say anything. Instead of trying to put the pieces together, inspired dress ideas save you much of that time and cost. It gives you a forehand idea of the materials, accessories, and embellishments required for the gown. In this way, you can bring uniqueness and personality to your special day with inspired wedding dress ideas.

Inspired wedding dress ideas do not just pop possible images of a stunning wedding dress but are more or less a custom mock-up design. This gets you inspired by the style and insight into the gown/how it will look at the end of the day.

Now that you know how well looking up wedding dress ideas for inspiration can help, we are confident you will love what comes next.

We have taken our time to compile six unique wedding dress ideas inspired by remarkable people and exceptional personalities and materials. So if you want to stretch your mind on just how great that wedding dress can come out with a bit of inspiration, then we recommend you keep reading to discover 6 Unique Wedding Dress Inspirations We Think You’d Love

A Grace Kelly Inspired Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly Wedding Dress
Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress by Helen Rose
Grace Kelly Inspired Wedding Dress
Photo Credit: Dior

If you are a fan of elegant, queen-style wedding dresses with the perfect cross of silk and lace, then Kelly’s wedding dress inspiration will put that Grace in your steps down the aisle. Our Grace Kelly pick of the day is the chic, demure style that sets an air of mystery with a pure and delicate demeanor. Worn by former Victoria’s Secret Angel Kerr, the combination of silk, tulle, and antique Belgian lace brought together a show-stopping wedding dress. Maria Grazia, who designed the dress, described it as “something out of a fairytale.”

The Grace Kelly wedding dress inspiration is the definition of graceful emotions and simplicity.

Greek Inspired Wedding Dress

Greek Dress
Greek Inspired Wedding Dress

We all love the Grecian style, grace, effortless beauty, culture, and allure. If there is one thing the Grecian dress styles bring in the world of fashion, it is the sexy, classic goddess appeal without even trying. In a way, we can say, effortless beauty. Dresses so simple it’s complicated, so pure it’s sexy, so Grecian it’s worshipped. If what you want to feel like is like a goddess on your wedding day, which of course you are, then Greek inspired wedding dresses are an excellent way to set the mark.

Grecian dress styles used to be more about the flow, but now, we have found a way to bring that flow into modern-day trends by pitching in a bit of the structure of a designer here and there to point out that beautiful figure without switching the culture. It is going light on the embellishments and accessories and focusing more on a soft yet heavy allure. A relaxing drape with heavenly impact is the Grecian way to go!

Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding Dress

Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding Dress

Known for her love for color, vibrant art, and connection to the Oregonian style shoots, Frida Kahlo has inspired the Latin wedding editorial featuring various wedding dresses styled by Peachy Keen Coordination. It takes out the conventional mono-colored wedding dress trend that has ravaged through centuries of tying the knot and brought out a love for color amidst it all.

The addition of colorful details and philanthropic indulgence with fabulous florals to brighten up the wedding dress is a remarkable feature of her inspiration. It could be used as a headpiece, held by the bride, or a part of the wedding dress itself for more curious and creative designers. Switching up accessories for eye-catching vibrant flowers adds intimacy and elegance to the dress with its playful color and bright Arizonian appeal.

Phantom of the Opera Inspired Wedding Dress

Phantom Of The Opera Wedding Dress
Phantom Of The Opera Inspired Wedding Dress Worn By Emmy Rossum

As fans fell for the stellar wedding dress worn by Emmy Rossum just as the Phantom did in the Opera movie adaptation, It has continued to inspire designers and brides worldwide. The lace-trimmed ivory ball gown is a worthy dress for a stunning bride. Its off-shoulder style that drooped slightly, with brief sleeves, were designed by Alexandra Bryne and sold for $5,120 in an auction. The Phantom of the Opera wedding dress inspiration gives an insight to more than just style but the personality of its character, sending a message before the bride even says a word; it is a dress of virtue and beauty.

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Wedding Dress

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe Inspired Wedding Dress
Aisle Be There Fit and Flare Dress

Marilyn Monroe is known for her exceptional beauty and style. The actress and singer have had her fair share of walks down the aisles, often referred to as The Blonde Bombshell. Each of those gowns has inspired brides to this very day. Marilyn Monroe has been part of the inspiration for fit and flare wedding dresses, bringing the red carpet style into the walk down the aisle.

The stunning artist and actress Marilyn Monroe brought confidence to the red carpet with her steps and wowed all who looked at her with beauty and elegance. If you are more of a Marilyn Monroe with a flair for the breathtaking, stunning walk down the aisle, then here is where your inspiration for that elegant and outstanding dress lies.

Titanic Inspired Wedding Dress

Picture From Titanic Movie With Leonardo Dicaprio And Kate Winslet
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic
Titanic Inspired Wedding Dress
New vintage Titanic dress in ivory by Nataya

The breathtaking titanic legend deserves an equally stunning wedding dress inspiration, and that is what we got! Right from the time the titanic love story hit the hearts of many, wedding dress designers have found a way to teach delicacy, refinement, and elegance with the fierceness of the sea into one stunning, glamorous ocean liner wedding dress.

The Titanic’s inspiration brings along with it the desire to add glamour, luxury, and lavish grace just as the legendary ship possessed. Colors do not bind the titanic-inspired dress. It explores varieties as the open sea with delicate pink, ocean blue, and even black asides from the usual conventional white color. If you want to bring in that legendary love spark accustomed with the Titanic ship herself, then it is in itself a good enough wedding dress inspiration.


Finding the perfect wedding dress is about finding the perfect inspiration and expressing it in your own way. Your wedding dress should be more than just clothing on your day. With the right inspiration and bridal tailor, you can make magic happen as you walk down the aisle.